Logic Mind & Health: Moving Beyond Stress to a Happier, More Purposeful Life




Logic Mind & Health Founder Brandon Hall is a passionate advocate for brain training and well-being improvement. His book captures the fundamentals of his unique, reason-based approach to reducing stress and presents an easy-to-follow program for living a happier, more purposeful life.

You’ll learn why your brain is wired for stress, how this unconscious, negative emotion is undermining your health and happiness, how you can manage your brain’s automatic stress response and eliminate toxic thinking. It’s all about a simple practice of rational, philosophical thought and specific actions.

Brandon’s first client was himself. A former Division 1 collegiate football player, he spent over ten years in the medical device field as a certified cardiac device specialist. The toll of functioning in high-pressure situations, and his growing dependence on junk food as a remedy, prompted his search for positive, accessible coping strategies that became the foundation of Logic Mind & Health.