health improvement starts with your mind.

So start with us.

What We Do

Solutions for Stressed-Out Working Professionals 

In order to improve your physical health and fitness, you need to exercise your body on a regular basis. In order to improve your mental health and well-being, you need to develop greater mental fitness by exercising your brain on a regular basis. 

But with what exercises and with what time? Where do you start??

You start with your STRESS. We’ve streamlined all of the ways to improve your mental health and well-being into an easy-to-follow, comprehensive training program utilizing our “4P” approach: PHYSIOLOGY, PSYCHOLOGY, PHILOSOPHY and PRACTICE. We’re talking years of experience and research, broken down and made easily accessible.

In this course, you will learn how to: 

  • improve brain function and your thinking skills
  • calm your brain and body in a matter of seconds
  • better manage your emotions 
  • reduce the fear and anxiety of common stressors, such as your job, your finances, lack of time and energy to do what you truly love
  • practice mindset exercises that focus on social intelligence and 
  • eliminate limiting beliefs and improve resilience 
  • utilize scientific tactics to improve your brain, your thoughts, your habits, your emotions, and overall mental health
"As someone who has spent a significant amount of time on optimizing my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, I still took a lot from this program. The amount of wellness information that is out there is tremendous, and can often be too much, fringy, and scattered. Logic Mind & Health is different. I haven’t seen a concise and logical presentation of the essentials for optimizing your emotional and mental health the way that Logic Mind & Health has created. This is a great tool for cutting through the noise!"
"After completing the program, I have a deeper understanding of how we can direct our thoughts and I feel more prepared to handle whatever comes my way. The course was structured in a way that was easy to understand and digest. I will put into practice the techniques and suggestions put forth in the course. I strongly recommend Logic Mind & Health's program!"
"At Logic Mind and Health, Brandon Hall is revolutionizing the way personal and professional development is approached. His customized programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of organizations and individuals, providing them with the tools they need to achieve greater health, performance, and purpose in life. The level of detail and guidance he brings to each program is great. Brandon has been a great resource for me personally in helping me develop healthier habits that have greatly improved my productivity and quality of life!"

It’s no secret. 

It’s no secret today that stress and anxiety are through the roof. So why, with all of the tools and resources that exist, should you still feel stuck in this constant cycle of trying new solutions that simply don’t work or aren’t sustainable? 

It’s because something was missing… until now.

We dive far deeper than anything you’ve encountered before. 

Start With Science

There is both a physical and mental aspect to improving one’s well-being, so we’ve combined the best practices, from modern and ancient disciplines, rational thinking, and purposeful action, into 4 pillars designed to help you reduce stress: Physiology, Philosophy, Practice, and Psychology. Psychology, for example, supports the practice of cognitive restructuring, growth mindset, and emotional intelligence.

Dig Deeper

Your health is your very own resource, and it entails far more than just diet and exercise. That is why we empower you to dig deeper and improve your well-being by leveraging the ultimate drivers of health, like purpose, meaning, and gratitude.

Make it Sustainable

Our methods do not just help you in the now. We want our practice to be just that, something you practice and become better at. Without a model built for longevity, it’s easy to continuously break the pattern of good habits and return to your old. Our methods are simple, verifiable, sustainable, effective, and most importantly, set you up for long term success.

No nonsense… 

Just science and personal experience.

I was in your shoes once. Riding the roller coaster of life, with no means of escape of that awful, continuous feeling of not being myself because of uncontrollable stressors that consumed my life. 

“Chronic stress was keeping me from enjoying my life, even though I had plenty to be grateful for.”

It was after much research and application of modern and ancient disciplines that I found the greater meaning of life and completely turned my mental health around. The results inspired others so much so that it has led me on an impactful journey to help others achieve better health and greater fulfillment. 

All to benefit your well-being

Playing tug-of-war with stress levels is not easy on your mental health and well-being. Find peace in knowing you have tools at your disposal. With one of our powerful programs,  you have everything you need to improve your well-being.