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Welcome to the newest, yet most ancient way to achieve personal fulfillment and lasting health. Logic Mind & Health is a wellness platform that mixes best practices of the past and present, East and West, rational thinking and purposeful action.

Our methods are simple, verifiable, sustainable and effective. In addition, we provide personal support through our unique mentoring programs, giving you guidance and feedback as you start your practice. The result: clear direction to a stress-free life.

"Chronic stress was keeping me from enjoying my life, even though I had plenty to be grateful for. After much research and application, I found greater meaning through a combination of proven practices. I shared what I learned with family and friends. Their results inspired me to reach out to others seeking a way to better health and greater fulfillment."


Drawing from modern and ancient disciplines, the program is supported by our 4-P Pillars:

"Wow. In one fell swoop, Brandon Hall has elegantly and intelligently woven together a practical and enormously helpful treatise on upgrading your mind, banishing stress, finding happiness, discovering relaxation and even connecting with love, your fellow humans and God. This easy, short read is jam-packed with life-changing tips. A definite must-add to any high-achiever's library!"

BEN GREENFIELD, Founder and CEO of Kion and Ben Greenfield Fitness, New York Times Best Selling Author of Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life

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