What is Truth?


Aristotle said this about truth: “To say of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true”. The world or our reality provides “what is” or “what is not,” and the true saying or thought corresponds to what the world provides. In other words, truth is the explanation of reality. 

Our beliefs about truth serve as the foundation for everything in our lives, the foundation for our minds. What we believe determines how we act and how we feel – whether we create health in our lives or we facilitate illness.

Now everyone has different truths or opinions and beliefs about their own realities. For instance, it’s true that I like cheese pizza better than pepperoni. That is subjective or a personal truth. But there also exists objective or absolute truths in the world. These are explanations that exist regardless or what we think about them, regardless of opinion, and regardless of whether we choose to accept these truths. 

How do we know that objective truth exists? Let’s put on our philosophical thinking caps. 

Take the statement “Objective truth does not exist?”  Well, is that statement objectively true? It can’t be! It’s a self-defeating proposition. You may have to think about that one for a second like I had to when I first came across it. The point being that there are objective truths about the world that exist. And that we can know them. And if we subscribe to them we can derive tremendous benefits.

Here’s the objective truth I chose to believe in, subscribe to, and that this entire platform was born from:

The Truth of Reality

I believe there exists a timeless, spaceless, immaterial, maximally great, perfect entity that created and sustains everything in existence. This entity, whatever you want to call it, is, by definition, the embodiment of perfection. Its nature is that of perfect love, goodness and beauty, among many other attributes. 

It is also personal because it chose to create and it created us. And we were created in its image, so to speak, meaning that we have characteristics that mimic that of this entity: consciousness, free will, intelligence, rationality, creativity, beauty, love, and goodness. 

The truth of reality is that we are absolutely special and unique. And that the purpose of life is to know this entity and make this entity known by exercising our similar characteristics. When we do this we achieve the greatest amount of health, wellness and fulfillment in life.

I mean this is what life’s all about right? It’s about love and giving and selflessness – willing the good of others. It’s about creating beauty and thinking deeply about the nature of things so that we can better them! Life is about proactively bettering ourselves so that we can help better the lives of others and aid in human flourishing.

Why Truth Matters

This is nothing new and to many people this is absolutely no secret. But unfortunately some people have forgotten or some don’t realize this. Some get caught up in less meaningful aspects of life. Or maybe some have not explored this truth deeply with their minds. It seems as though, just looking at the amount of health challenges and stress in the world, we could be doing a lot better in this department. 

This is why truth is so fundamentally important to our lives. We should use our immaterial, rational minds to discover truth and form healthy, impactful beliefs, rooted in the immaterial nature of reality. We can access that truth with the immaterial nature of our being (our minds) and grow as humans. This is the starting point for everything in our lives, from health and well-being to meaning and purpose. 

One final, extremely important aspect about the truth of reality – we can always change. We can get better, improve our lives, our health, upgrade our beliefs, learn new things and change our brains through neuroplasticity. And this platform can help!

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