Why I’m Catholic and How it Relates to Health


I wanted to share my faith for a few reasons: first, and most importantly, because I believe it’s true. I believe Christianity is true and there are just too many arguments and evidences to suggest otherwise. Second, because I’m all about helping people live better lives and improve their health. That starts in the mind and with our thoughts. It starts with belief. I would be remiss if I did not share my personal beliefs, especially if I think it could help people. And third, it’s what I’m called to do.

I’ve kept this platform relatively non-religious, mostly because that’s what western society and the media has influenced me to do. And that’s a bad excuse. We should all be willing to express our beliefs and our thoughts, especially if it may help people. And we should not be afraid of criticism or backlash from people who disagree. Because there will be disagreements, but those are good and can lead to deep discussions that move us closer to truth. And that is great for the brain!

So here are just a few (of many) reasons why I’m a Christian and why it matters:

Historical Reliability of the New Testament: The New Testament has more manuscript support than any other ancient document, with thousands of manuscripts existing today. It’s a collection of early, eyewitness testimonies, confirmed by both Christian and non-Christian historians. 

Archaeological Evidence: Numerous archaeological finds support the historical context of the Bible, such as discoveries related to the existence of biblical figures and locations.

Fulfilled Prophecies: The Bible contains prophecies that were clearly fulfilled within the historical record concerning the life and death of Jesus Christ.

The Resurrection of Jesus: The resurrection is supported by historical accounts by both Christians and non-Christians. Christ actually lived, was crucified by Roman soldiers, was buried in a tomb, was believed to be seen alive again by his followers (and many other people), and his followers willingly died proclaiming he rose from the dead. 

Changed Lives of Disciples: After Jesus’ death, His disciples transformed from fearful individuals to bold proclaimers of His message, even under threat of death and being killed.

Existence of the Early Church: The rapid growth of the early Christian church, despite severe persecution, supports the sincerity and conviction of its followers.

Consistency Across Time: The Bible maintains thematic and doctrinal consistency across 60+ books written by about 40 different authors over nearly 2,000 years.

Impact on Society: Christianity has profoundly influenced laws, culture, ethics, arts, and the moral framework of societies, particularly in the Western world.

Ethical Teachings of Jesus: Jesus’ teachings on all aspects of human nature, including love, forgiveness, and charity have universal appeal and have profoundly impacted ethical thought.

Personal Testimonies: Millions of personal testimonies across diverse cultures speak to the transformative impact of belief in Jesus, as well as personal encounters.

Philosophical Coherence: Christianity offers a coherent philosophical framework for understanding reality, including the nature of God, existence, morality, and human purpose.

Transcultural Appeal: Christianity has shown remarkable adaptability and appeal across different cultures and social settings worldwide. Many different world religions point to Jesus as a way to God, and he points to Himself as The Way, The Truth, and The Life. 

Historical Impact of Jesus: The historical impact of Jesus’ life and teachings is disproportionate to His humble beginnings and short ministry.

Survival and Transmission of Christian Texts: Despite periods of intense persecution and attempts to destroy its texts, Christian scriptures have been preserved remarkably well.

Literary Excellence of the Bible: The Bible contains profound literary qualities and depths, recognized even by secular scholars.

Miracles: There have been numerous miracles involving the eucharist (verified to be cardiac tissue of a heart that’s undergone excruciating stress) and statues weeping tears of blood.  

Relics: There are several relics that science has failed to explain away or disprove as frauds/forgeries, such as The Shroud of Turin and The Sudarium of Oviedo. 

Now, I’m not just a Christian, but a Catholic as well. Even though there have been many atrocities over the years associated with the Catholic church, I still believe Catholicism represents the fullest expression of the Church, with its rich history of scriptural interpretation, beauty, sacraments, saints, popes and so on. I also believe the key to health and well-being, which I’ve talked about at length on this platform, is rooted in God. But, more specifically, I believe it is rooted in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, which is best represented by the Catholic Church. 

So, this post will likely be my last on this platform. There may be more in the future, but I’m being called to take everything I’ve done and will do and make it Catholic focused. Whether that’s a new platform or program or new piece of technology or new book has yet to be determined. But what I am determined to do is continue to help people with their health and well-being by bringing them to God or closer to God through Christ and through Catholic teachings and practices. Because, again, I believe they are true and they lead to the fullness of life, health and well-being. 

I would encourage anyone who is looking to either strengthen their faith or who may be on a quest for truth or on a faith journey to look further into these arguments and evidence for Christianity. There are countless others (just Google Christian apologetics, or start with people like William Lane Craig, Bishop Robert Barron, Frank Turek, or Fr. Robert Spitzer. I pray that anyone who comes across this platform finds God and finds true health and fulfillment through Him. 

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