Why God is Logical


I talk a lot about God on this platform. The main reason being this platform is all about improving health and well-being, particularly mental health or mental well-being. More specifically, reducing chronic, self-inflicted stress that comes from our thinking.

In order to improve our stress or better manage it, we need to change the way we think. We need to develop a growth mindset. We need to take our thoughts to new heights, we need to upgrade our brains and minds. Well, what do we upgrade them to? Where should we take them to? What should we grow towards?

The answer, as shown by scientific and psychological research (and according to philosophical argumentation, I may add) is greater love, beauty, goodness, and purpose. These aspects of reality bring about the greatest degree of health and well-being. And these aspects in life are not physical in nature – they cannot be measured or scientifically quantified. They are non-physical, or immaterial. And for me, they are rooted in the ultimate non-physical aspect of reality. They are rooted in God and are found in God’s nature. 

See, we can know these (along with many other) immaterial aspects of reality exist through philosophical inquiry, through reason and rationality. We can use our brains and minds to deduce these aspects of reality are beyond the physical world. They are not grounded in nature or our minds. 

Things like logic, mathematics, beauty… all non-physical and all exist independent of human or intelligent physical beings. 2 + 2 still equals 4, the grand canyon is still beautiful, and the statement “there are no intellectual beings in the universe” IS STILL TRUE if there are no intellectual beings in the universe to conclude that. So they are grounded in something else.

These things are logically grounded in God, the ultimate source of reality. These things are pieces of information, if you will, and information comes from minds. Not our mind (again, because they still exist even if we don’t), but the ultimate, divine mind.

Science Isn’t The Answer

Oftentimes, we look towards science for answers in life. Rightfully so, because science is awesome and provides many solutions to our problems. But in this case, science isn’t very helpful. 

In my post about God, A Rational Source of Health, I talk about why it makes logical sense that God exists, and that God’s nature is not-physical. It goes beyond our physical world. So it also makes sense that science wouldn’t be able to “find God” or “prove God exists”. But we can still know God exists and discover God’s nature through our rational thinking. 

We don’t need science to discover God, and we shouldn’t look towards science to do that. Science deals with the physical world, but there are clearly non-physical aspects to the world that go beyond the realm of science. And we can know about these things. And, because of the principle of sufficient reason, it seems reasonable that the non-physical aspects of reality (which science can’t explain) still have an explanation. God seems a logical choice as the explanation. 

When I talk about God and logic and health in the same manner, in the same sentence, the feedback I get is usually very positive. But yet, there are still some that raise a skeptical eyebrow, to put it lightly. Hence the reason for this blog post. I believe God is the most logical explanation for all things in life (why we are here, what we are to do, how best we improve our health). And therefore, the most important non-physical aspect of our lives and our well-being. 

Everything in our lives begins and ends in the brain and with our thoughts. The greatest thinking we can adopt is thinking about God, because God is that which nothing greater can be thought. God is the epitome of being. God is the foundation for everything, especially mental well-being, because God is love, beauty, goodness and the source of meaning and purpose in life. So, when we set our minds on these, we greatly improve our health. 

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