An Argument for God from Health


Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, and many others have argued brilliantly for the existence of God from things like motion, potentiality and actuality or contingency. I’m sure this argument has been brought to the table, and I’m quite certain that these are not my original thoughts, but I thought of another argument for the existence and nature of God I haven’t come across before. It comes from specific sources of health and well-being. Namely, certain things that make us healthy and improve our well-being and give us last thing fulfillment point towards the existence and nature of God.

Love, or willing the good of others, brings us greater health and well-being. Goodness, or directing something toward its ultimate purpose (a human being in particular), brings us greater health and well-being. Beauty, either experiencing it in the form of nature (generating a sense of awe), or creating it through producing literature, poetry, art, carpentry, music, etc. brings us greater health and well-being. Greater meaning in life brings us greater health and well-being. Realizing and enacting greater purpose in life brings us greater health and well-being. All of these aspects of reality point towards the nature and existence of God.

Moreover, there are varying degrees of these aspects of life. We can always produce greater love, greater beauty, greater goodness, enact greater purpose and find greater meaning in life. Which means that there must exist a perfect love, a perfect beauty, a perfect goodness and a perfect foundation for meaning and purpose in life.

This notion or this idea is essentially why I started Logic Mind and Health and why I put so much of an emphasis on the non-physical (philosophical/metaphysical) aspects of reality that lead towards improving the physical aspects. Our thoughts and our notions of love and beauty and goodness and purpose lead to these particular actions that affect our physical bodies, as well as the physical bodies (and psychology) of the people we direct them towards.

Now of course, a naturalistic argument could be made for all of these. Greater love and goodness and purpose means survival of the tribe. It means greater community which leads to greater procreation and propagation of the species. But, it didn’t have to be that way. We can survive and populate and progress our species without beauty or altruism or empathy or meaning in life. But yet, these exist and lead to greater health, well-being and fulfillment. And thank God they do.

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