Immune System Activation via the Nervous System


We have three main layers of defense for our health. They are constantly operating to protect us from various parasites, bacteria, viruses etc. They are part of a network of cells, organs and tissues that make up our immune system.

The first, which may seem slightly obvious, is our skin. Along our skin throughout our body we have various openings that are potential entrance points for things that could harm us, like toxins or bacteria. So these openings have mucous linings which essentially try to trap bacteria and other harmful agents.

The next layer is the innate immune system. This system is very fast/immediate. This system promptly activates defense mechanisms such as white blood cells or “killer cells” to attack the bacteria or virus or parasite.  

The third layer is the adaptive immune system. It is where antibodies come from to protect us from future invasion. The various cells that are part of the immune system reside in the blood and produced in our bone marrow. The lymphatic system (lymph nodes) as well as the spleen and the thymus also produce immune cells. 

Healthy Immune Function

So how do we maintain a strong healthy immune system? Well, there are the classic ways you have probably heard of: a healthy gut microbiome (eat healthy), get high-quality sleep, exercise regularly, reduce bad stress and get a moderate amount of good stress every day (sunlight, a cold shower, intermittent fasting).

But we can also maintain and improve our immune system with our nervous system. What is part of our nervous system? Our brain and our mind. Yes, we can improve our immune system by improving our thinking. This is essentially what Logic Mind & Health is all about.

Specifically, when we have a positive, purposeful, growth-minded, hopeful attitude towards the future, we activate the dopamine reward pathway in the brain and body. Hope is associated with forward thinking or thinking about the future, which generates motivation and positive feelings. And this promotes healthy action and healthy biology!

Dopamine and Health

The dopamine system, when activated, can induce or accelerate healing. Dopamine aids in the recovery of all kinds of injuries, sickness, illness and even cancer. The dopamine system suppresses inflammation, which enables faster healing.  

Dopamine (as well as adrenaline – the molecule associated with energy) can and does deploy more immune cells. And this increases immune function. And I’m not talking about unhealthy sources that produce more dopamine, like sweets, social media, raunchy behavior, etc. I’m talking about the healthy sources described throughout this platform, like love, goodness, beauty, meaning, purpose, relationships, altruism, gratitude, journaling, brining a passion to life to benefit the lives of others (I could go one and on).

So, use all the resources at your disposal on this platform to develop a growth mindset, hope for the future, confidence that you can change your brain and improve your health with your mind. And develop a greater sense of purpose that will give you the drive and motivation to accomplish your goals and dreams. The byproduct will be greater health and wellness.

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