Philosophy and Health Improvement


Sometimes I’m asked the question, “What the best way is to improve health?”  And I like to say “philosophy”. And that usually raises an eyebrow. So let me explain.

Physical health improvement begins and ends in the brain and with our thoughts. Our beliefs run the show. They affect our emotions, they impact our behaviors, they promote or prevent health and well-being.

And not just our beliefs about whether or not we can fit the gym in today. Or whether we can actually stick to our diets for this year’s new year’s resolution. But it’s also our beliefs about why health even matters in the first place, or why we even matter in the first place, or why anything at all matters.

Our deepest beliefs about reality and existence are the foundational component for everything in our lives, especially health and well-being. So here’s where philosophy and health intersect.

If we want to improve our lives we must improve our way of thinking. We need to upgrade our beliefs. If we want to maximize our health and well-being to the greatest possible degree, we need to take our thoughts to the greatest possible degree. 

The Philosophy of Love and Goodness

So what does that entail? Quite simply, perfect love and perfect goodness. Trying to give your fullest self to others at all times throughout the day, in all circumstances. See, love is not just a feeling. Love is willing the good of others, of something greater than yourself. Goodness is directing something toward its ultimate purpose. In our case, in my opinion, and what’s worked best for me, our ultimate purpose is to mimic that of the divine.

To use our rational faculties to discover truth and pursue knowledge; think deeply about things; create beauty; express our unique abilities in ways that promote human flourishing. To impact somebody’s life in such a way that they go out and touch other people’s lives. And to do this as much as we possibly can with every breath we take during every waking minute.

Now, this is not easy. But there is a standard by which we should live and act that will give us the greatest amount of health and well-being.

I think we are moving further and further away from the true source of health and well-being and more so into personal pleasure, instant gratification, virtual this and artificial that. Everywhere you look people are stressed out and coping with all of the wrong sources.

When we set our minds on philosophy, on the transcendent aspects of reality, such as love, and beauty, and truth, and are grateful for the things in our lives… When we take massive action toward a purpose greater than ourselves, we live much healthier lives and achieve greater well-being.

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