Affirmation and Self-Talk


Affirmation is another powerful tool that helps improve well-being. It is simply self-talk. But affirmation is about being intentional with the way we’re talking to ourselves.

We talk to ourselves all the time in our heads. But many times, we fill our minds with stressful and fearful chatter. When we do this on a consistent basis, it has a negative impact on our health. Incorporating a consistent daily practice of positive affirmation helps prevent this.

The key to a successful affirmation practice is this: be realistic, and take action that coincides with your affirmation. For example, if you are stressed out and telling yourself that you’re happy and feel good and the world is hunky-dory, that will do nothing.

In the heat of a stressful situation, first and foremost, change your physiology! The fastest way to change the way you are feeling is to change your body. Improve your posture, or breathe slowly and deeply, or get your body moving to work out that stress.

Be Rational

And while you are stressed out, tell yourself you are simply having a natural emotion. Tell yourself that your emotional brain is kicking in, but you’ve been here before. You know how to deal with it. You have the tools to overcome the stress and set your mind on something better.

Also, talk to yourself in the second person. Research indicates that is more beneficial than if you talk to yourself in the first person.

Positive self talk can certainly help in the heat of a stressful situation, but you have to be real. Acknowledge that it is an emotion, and it will pass. It is not you and it does not define you. 

Be positive, yes, but be realistic. 

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