You Are Not Your Thoughts


I’ve often heard the term you become what you think about most. That might be wealthy, famous, healthier, a nicer human being, or more intelligent. While I do somewhat believe in that notion, I must say that I also believe that you are NOT, actually, your thoughts.

A thought is a non-physical aspect of your reality. It is not a concrete object that you can measure, analyze or observe if you crack open your skull and peer into your brain. 

But our thoughts can affect every aspect of our lives when we allow them to – they can trigger emotional reactions, biochemical changes in the physical body, or physical movement towards some goal or objective.

They can trigger memories, health, sickness, as some research suggests even genetic expression. So the way we become what we think about most is by taking action in regards to those thoughts. Or we permit our thoughts to affect our being. 

You Are Your Response to Your Thoughts

We think about becoming healthy and we hit the gym. Or we think about becoming wealthy, and we find a new job or improve our skill set. Or we think about becoming a better person, as we help others in need more or reach out to a loved one and have a deep, meaningful conversation. 

We perpetuate our emotional reactions through our thinking and it affects our body in either a positive or negative way. We dwell on a chewing out by our coach or boss and keep triggering the stress response throughout the body. Or we think about our last holiday gathering with friends and family and create that warm, loving feeling throughout our body. 

Again, you are not your thoughts. You are your response to your thoughts. You are your actions that arise from your response to your thinking. But you can become what you think about. You can change just as your thoughts can change. But you must change your thoughts in order to change your being. 

In order to physically change your behaviors, your body or your emotional state, you must first become aware of your thinking. Challenge that thinking, and then employ better thinking. The way to do this is through mindfulness meditation, cognitive restructuring and subsequent action. Check out the resources throughout this platform and in the book to learn how!

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