Reading: It’s Great for the Brain


I find it pretty remarkable how simple it is to change our brains. Well, simple, but not necessarily easy. Small, daily activities can lead to lasting change. But it does take discipline and can be challenging at first. However, some of the “brain changing” practices are so simple, there should be no excuse as to why we’re not doing them daily. And one of those is reading.

Reading is so good for the brain! Many people, like myself, have taken the importance of reading for granted. Reading improves focus, attention, memory, and brain connectivity. It can also improve empathy as we tend to put ourselves in the shoes of the characters in the book. 

Reading also improves our language capabilities. A study out of Emory University revealed an increase in connectivity in the area of the brain associated with receptivity for language. And it doesn’t take hours to derive the benefits. A few minutes of reading every single day can lead to these brain benefits.

How to Develop a Reading Habit

The best time to do it (along with many other brain boosting activities) is in the morning.

Think about what you do automatically every single morning after you wake up. Do you grab your phone? Or maybe put on your glasses? Do you brush your teeth, go to the bathroom, or make yourself a cup of coffee?

Think about what you do, and then take a book you want to read and put it next to your glasses, or your toothbrush, or your coffee mug. This will make it easier for you to pick up the book and start reading.

And  just read a paragraph or two at first. Start small. Then build from there. Eventually you will establish a routine of reading multiple pages for longer periods of time. And you will realize those brain benefits reading has to offer!

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