Making A Connection with God

Connection with God

Do you ever wonder how to connect with God? Ever think if when you pray, meditate, or take a walk out in nature, you are making any sort of connection? For so long, I have wondered this, because I have never “heard” God answer back when I’ve tried to connect.

No spirit popping up on the nature walk. No major miracle or sign letting me know that God is there and listening. It just seemed like for so long when I would try and make a connection with God I was simply talking to myself.

Until I learned about the true nature of God. And soon realized that I had been connecting with God in so many ways all along, in addition to prayer and contemplation.

See, by definition, God is not a being among other beings (like ourselves), but rather, being itself. So God is the very act of to be. God is existence. We have being and existence, and I believe it comes from God. So, that’s point one. Our very nature of being gives us a direct connection to God.

Also, God by definition, is MAXIMUM being. This means God is the embodiment of perfection and the highest degree of everything we experience in our reality. God is perfect and maximum love, goodness, intelligence and power (among many other things). So not only is God being, but God is the epitome of being.

How to Connect with God

When we exercise our free will and choose thoughts and actions rooted in love, beauty, and goodness, we are connecting to God. Or when we act with purpose and help others realize greater meaning and purpose in their lives, we connect with God. When we set our minds on the nature of God and of reality, and think deeply about our lives, we connect with God.

We may not hear or see God connecting back to us in a direct, physical sense, through something like a miracle. But I believe when we receive thoughts rooted in love, beauty, goodness and purpose, that is God connecting with us in a powerful, non-physical way. 

Another part of God’s nature is the immaterial aspect. God is not made of the stuff we are made of. God is not physical. We are physical in our nature. But we also have a non-physical aspect to us that is the source of everything in our lives – our minds. 

And we can use this non-physical aspect of our being to connect with God through rational thought. When we use our intellect and will to produce love, beauty and goodness in our lives and the lives of others, we connect very deeply with God.

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