Motivation vs. Inspiration


Here’s a question: What’s more powerful, motivation or inspiration? Answer: Inspiration. Why? Motivation comes from an external source, while inspiration comes from within. Motivation is more like a pulling force, while inspiration is moreso a driving force. And inspiration has everything to do with purpose. 

When we are inspired, we are driven by a passion and a purpose to accomplish something greater than ourselves. We have a greater drive because we are creating that drive with our own thoughts, energy, and feelings. And we create it conducive to our unique situations.

Yes, we can still take action and achieve our goals when we are motivated. But often times it comes from an external factor like money, a job, or a raise. Often the motivation fades because our brains go back to focusing on numero uno (ourselves). We shouldn’t look towards these kinds of motivating factors to drive change or get results. 

Inspiration Comes From Purpose

That’s why it’s so important to focus on purpose in life. And a purpose that accomplishes something beyond ourselves. Something that benefits OTHERS. Because purpose and relationships are the most powerful drivers of human behavior. And they are the most powerful drivers of health and well-being. They are the facilitators of inspiration. They are what we should set our minds on in order to make lasting change or accomplish our goals. 

But we need to start small. Even with an incredible amount of inspiration, too much too soon can be overwhelming and quickly fade. The brain likes familiarity and to fall back on habitual tendencies. 

If you want to make any kind of serious change in your life, focus on becoming inspired. Think about your unique purpose in life and how it can serve others. Start by taking small, incremental, daily steps towards realizing that purpose. 

Your inspiration will continue to grow as you progress and realize the effects you are having on others. It will become a habitual, driving force for your actions, and your actions too will become habitual. When that happens, motivation becomes obsolete.

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