The Importance of Good Posture


Many of the practices on this platform and on this website are simple. Well, simple, but not necessarily easy. They may not be easy because change can be hard. We are creatures of habit and our brains like familiarity. But anyone can change and overcome our brain’s powerful tendencies to stay comfortable. And this involves starting small and gradually building over time. A simple change that has excellent health benefits, that actually is pretty easy, is better posture.

When we are hunched over, shoulders slouched, eyes and chin down, looking like we are sad or depressed, we physically feel sadness and depression! The way we conduct ourselves and hold ourselves has a direct effect on our mood and our feelings. 

On the other hand, when we stand tall with our chest out, shoulders back, chin up, and put a smile on our face, we are sending positive signals to our brain and that cascade to the body. Our brain responds with positive hormones and neurotransmitters that make us feel good! We can promote feelings of confidence, happiness and excitement by simply improving our posture. 

Poor posture negatively affects biological functions within the body that can be harmful to health and well-being. It restricts blood circulation, increases muscle tension and pain, compromises breathing, and can promote more frequent headaches.

Good Posture According to Harvard Health

So what is the best kind of posture to have? See below:

Chin parallel to the floor

Shoulders even

Neutral spine

Arms at your side

Abdominal muscles braced

Hips even 

Knees even pointing straight

Body weight distributed evenly on both feet

So practice good posture throughout the day. This is a simple action that has a cascading effect. Better posture can give you a better mood, better biology, and better physical health. Small, simply changes lead to lasting results!

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