Meaning in Life


What is the meaning of life? Is there meaning to life? At some point in your life, if you haven’t already, you’ll likely wrestle with questions like those. I think about them almost daily. And I used to be unsure about the answer or if there was an answer. Or if it was possible for us to know the answer. Well, not anymore.

My confidence in the ability to address those kinds of questions has never been greater. While I still certainly have my doubts, I believe there absolutely is meaning to life. I believe we are all alive for many reasons. But there’s one reason above all, and that reason is love.

In my blog post about God, I described God as being the source of everything in existence. I also described God’s nature as being perfect love, beauty and goodness. From that line of philosophical thinking, it follows that God created us out of love. And from observing ourselves and our realities, it follows that we embody similar characteristics to God (consciousness, intelligence, rationality, will, love, beauty, goodness).

So by simply existing, we have all the meaning we need! We were brought into being by the ultimate source of love, beauty and goodness. We are made in the image of God and we possess attributes that mimic that of the divine. 

So we are absolutely significant. We all have meaning and an ultimate purpose in life. 

Purpose and Meaning

Meaning comes from purpose. And using our philosophical brains, we can see that our purpose in life is to enact our divine characteristics, particularly love. Which gives us all the significance in the world. 

And we are all unique in our personalities, talents, skills and behaviors. So we can enact our divine purposes in very unique ways. We all have something special to give to the world. The greater we think about meaning and act with purpose, the greater our well-being can become. 

The more we love and the more beauty we produce, the more meaning we’ll realize. The more we give to the world in our own unique way, the more meaning we’ll realize. And more importantly, the more meaning we’ll help others realize in their own lives. 

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