Greater Purpose in the Workplace


There are 2 ways to find greater purpose in the workplace. The first is to bring your personal passion or purpose to work. Share it with your coworkers or customers. The second is to discover new truths at work (knowledge, insights, better ways of working). And share those with your coworkers and customers to benefit their lives.

Aristotle said that purpose is built into the nature of things. We as human beings all have a built-in natural purpose based upon our nature. And that purpose is to use what distinctly separates us from any other species on earth. And that is our brains. More specifically, our rational capabilities to discover truth, to learn things, to innovate, to grow and progress society.

There’s no greater way to find greater purpose than to recognize this and to execute on this. An easy way to think about this is to develop a growth mindset. Look for ways to better the lives of your customers and your coworkers. Look for more efficient ways to do things. Or find for out-of-the-box ways to do things and ways to break new grounds. And keep persisting in the face of setbacks. This will lead to greater success, more fulfillment, deeper relationships, and a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Or take whatever it is you are passionate about and simply share it with your coworkers or your customers. This will not only lead to a more dynamic or deeper relationship with them, but you may find significant interest from them that leads to new ideas or ways you can improve upon your passion. You may peak somebody’s interest and they may open new doors for you. They may get you the help that you were looking for to make your project take off.

Share Your Passion

In my experience, anytime you share your passions and interests outside of work with those that you work with or those whom you serve, especially if it benefits people with respect to their health or well-being, they are more than willing to entertain your conversation. Or they are more than willing to lend you some advice, a helping hand, or just simply spread the word for you.

So, if you are not getting what you would like out of your day job, and you are looking for greater meaning or purpose, try one or both of those suggestions. Create more purpose in your workplace, or bring your personal passion/purpose to the workplace and look to benefit others with it.

Greater meaning and purpose, both in and out of the workplace, is a huge driver of greater health and well-being. There are numerous studies that show greater purpose equals greater longevity, greater health, and greater performance in life. So focus on greater purpose at work, because that is a huge component of your life!

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