Thinking About God


I like to think about God a lot. And write my thoughts down as part of my journal, which usually turn into a blog post. Now, to some people, it may seem a bit out of place for me to talk about God on this platform. To mix in religion when this is a health platform. But to me, God is not necessarily religious. God is rational, philosophical, and logical. And we are all about logic, as well as deep, philosophical thinking here.

See, God, by definition, is that which nothing greater can be thought. God is the epitome of being. God is being itself. So, thinking about God is just thinking about the fundamental aspect of reality. God is the source of everything good that we can possibly think, feel and do: love, beauty, goodness, logic, virtue. We know thoughts affect emotions and actions, and thinking deeply is good for health and brain function. 

So, if there is at least the very slim possibility that God exists, shouldn’t we think about that a bit? Or maybe more than a bit? Shouldn’t we try to know and understand this entity that could have a profound implication on our health and well-being? I think so. 

Existence of God

And I think it’s a good idea to explore the many arguments for the nature and existence of God. This is why I include many in other BLOG posts about the existence of God. Thinking deeply, philosophically and developing a deep understanding of these arguments can lead to greater confidence in God’s existence and a greater desire to set our minds on God for better health and well-being. 

Again, God is rational, as well as, perfect love, goodness, beauty, truth, and the ultimate source of meaning and purpose. When contemplating life, reality, and pursuing ultimate health and well-being, I’ve found that all rational lines of thought point to God as the source. So I think it’s good to think about God, to think about living a life of greater love, beauty, goodness and purpose. And I think it’s good to think about God a lot. 

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