Fitness and Nutrition Coach Mike Dolce

There is no doubt that diet and exercise play a key role in mental health and well-being. Poor nutrition and suboptimal physique can wreak havoc on our minds and our brains. Conversely, simply eating healthy and exercising regularly can do wonders for our states of mind and our lives. So, even though I don’t recommend any particular diet or exercise myself, I do have a few go-to resources I’ve highlighted on this platform. And one of those is 4X time World MMA Trainer of the Year, fitness and attrition expert Mike Dolce.

Mike is an incredible coach with an incredibly practical approach to all things health, nutrition and fitness. I have been following his meal plans for years and I personally lost 20 pounds in his “Three Weeks to Shredded” program. 

I love Mike’s no nonsense, science based approach to eating a healthy diet, moving the body every day, and just simply living your best life. If you’re looking for a great kick in the butt and a proven diet and fitness program, look no further than Mike Dolce. You can access all of his programs, coaching, resources, videos and social media at his website:

The Dolce Diet

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