Using Greater Logic and Reason


There is a particular way to go about searching for truth, thinking philosophically and grounding beliefs. This involves logical or critical thinking. Logic refers to using reason to come to a conclusion in a consistent manner based upon a set of observations or premises.  

There are different kinds of reasoning that we can use to discover truth. Or when we are thinking critically about something:

Deductive reasoning – Starts out with a general statement or premise about something. Then examines the various possibilities to reach a logical conclusion.

Inductive reasoning – Conclusions are made from specific observations (and this is the opposite of deductive).

Abductive – The likeliest conclusion determined from analysis of incomplete sets of observations.

To think logically is to use these different kinds of reasoning. To think in steps, go deeper, and keep asking the “why” questions, which is crucial. So using greater logic and reason is to make observations and discern patterns. It’s to eliminate contradictions, and consider multiple explanations pertaining to those observations. 

Critical thinkers seek to gain the highest degree of probability pertaining to the answers to their questions. They are open minded. They consider reasons other people or other methods give in terms of conclusions or solutions to questions.  

Logical thinkers understand that preconceptions and biases can get in the way of the most reasonable solutions. And they know it’s imperative to avoid the desire to go along with the crowd. They avoid adopting the conclusions of others if they’re irrational. Above all, logical thinkers separate out emotion from the situations they are working on and are unbiased. 

Logic: In Our Name, At Our Core

We do our absolute best at Logic Mind & Health to be logical and reasonable when it comes to health improvement. That’s why we base our practices on scientific research. And that’s why we incorporate multiple disciplines from various cultures and walks of life.

That’s why we consider every possible explanation and solution for the health challenges we face. In particular, the chronic stress that plagues so many of us. So we’ve determined that the source of our stress in most cases is, in fact, our thinking. And the solution to our struggle, is, in fact, to be more logical and rational with our thoughts!

So that’s why Logic is in our name and at our core. Everything in our lives begins and ends in the brain and with our thoughts. So the best way to improve our lives is to look at our thinking and challenge our thinking with better logic. And then to develop a greater mindset that will lead to healthier actions and emotions.

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