Be Perfect?


I’ve often heard that we shouldn’t strive to be perfect because perfection is unattainable. It puts too much mental strain on us. It gives people the wrong message. Life is not about being perfect – life is about just being you or just being good. I couldn’t disagree more. But there is a catch. I’m talking about the aspects of our being that are not physical in nature. 

Specifically, with regards to improving mental health and well-being, we should strive to be as perfect as possible with the way we love, our goodness, and our producing and consuming of beauty. We absolutely should strive to be perfect in these areas because perfection in these is rooted in God.

Now how do I jump straight to that conclusion? Well, let’s take a look at reality. Everything within our reality is contingent upon something for its state of affairs. It is conditioned in some way or another. There are various limitations to the things in our reality, from matter and energy, to space and time.

Physical objects like people and cars and trees all the way down to the subatomic and quantum levels are limited. There are certain laws and rules that must be in place for their existence and the way they function. But what gives rise to these laws and these parameters? 

The Perfect Source

Logically speaking, a reality exists that is not conditioned or contingent upon anything else for its existence or for its state of being gives rise to it all. This means this reality is perfect in every conceivable aspect or way. It lacks nothing and has no limits. Because if it did have limits, it would be dependent upon (contingent upon) something else for those limitations. There would be something outside of it or beyond it responsible for those limitations.

It is a supreme reality that’s perfect and necessary to give rise to our contingent reality. That means the supreme, perfect reality contains within itself, a perfect nature, including, but not limited to, love and beauty and goodness.

This is what I refer to as God. God is the standard of being that produces the greatest health and well-being. Direct your relationship journey, your health journey, professional journey, your business journey, etc. towards God – towards greater love, beauty and goodness. That will always and forever be the answer and the solution to your challenges in life.

Don’t just strive to be good or even great. Strive for perfection in your being. The non physical aspect of your being. The love you give. The beauty you produce. The purpose you fulfill. 

Yes you will absolutely fall short. But accept and embrace that. It’s impossible to be perfect, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Life is about growth, and we need something to grow towards. It is about the journey and the growth process towards perfection. So be perfect, as your creator is perfect. 

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